Blue Moon in Qatar skies next Wednesday

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Here in the Kawarthas, we'll only see a partial lunar eclipse.

In the evening hours, after sunset, on January 31, comes the biggest moon event since we landed on it - and the strangest lunar news ever.

The full moon this Wednesday will be right around 224,000 miles from Earth, earning it the right to be called a super moon, at least according to Richard Nolle.

A supermoon is simply when the moon is full while it's also closest to Earth.

But this one will also happen during a total lunar eclipse - when the moon passes through Earth's shadow.

If you've got a good imagination, the best view would be from the moon, he says.

The last total lunar eclipse visible on Earth was September 28, 2015. "There is no harm to the eyes when watching a lunar eclipse". The next one visible in North America will be on January 21, 2019. "For those in the Middle East, Asia, eastern Russia, Australia and New Zealand, the "super blue blood moon" can be seen during moonrise in the morning on the 31st". Blue light is scattered, leaving only red. "The moon is attractive nearly every night in nearly every phase, you don't have to wait for a "supermoon" or a "blue moon" to enjoy it", she said.

This is the second supermoon to light up the sky this January.

The final celestial event of the night is the one that promises to put on a show-a lunar eclipse. During that time, the moon will appear in the sky with a reddish tint to it, which is commonly referred to as a blood moon.

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Chances are you have used the phrase "once in a blue moon" - but have you ever wondered where it came from?

So what's a blue moon in the first place?

A blue moon signifies two new moons during the same month, because the moon's orbit does not coincide completely with the calendar. Because the moon's cycle takes just over 29 days, the event can occur in any month when a full moon rises on the first or second night of the month.

The last time people in North America were treated to a blue moon occurring simultaneously with a total lunar eclipse was over 150 years ago, according to. By the way, the whole double blue moon thing only happens about four times a century and not again until 2037.

January 31 is a morning that has plenty of astronomers excited! A blue moon actually has to do with mathematical odds.

"A supermoon tends to be seven to 13 per cent larger than average", says Glen Nagle, the Education and Public Outreach Manager of the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex. The moon orbits our planet from between 233,000 miles and 253,000 miles away.

This full moon is also a supermoon. By 7:31 a.m., the moon will have set under the horizon and will no longer be visible. Since the moon's orbit is slightly elongated, its distance from the Earth changes by about 10 percent. The distinction is usually hard to notice unless you're looking at two pictures side by side. But if the October full moon is closer to the date of the equinox, she takes the name.

A super moon is when the moon gets the closest to earth.

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