CONFIRMED: Chris Harper-Mercer, the 26 Year-Old #BlackLivesMatter Supporter and Muslim, Named the Killer #UCCShooting

While I consider the source to be at times highly unethical, even unprofessional, Charles C. Johnson is nevertheless a solid journalist with a nose for digging up stories for his website

Mr. Johnson broke the news just hours ago regarding details of the shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer.

At long last here is a photo of Chris Harper-Mercer, the 26-year-old shooter in Oregon. He is most certainly a Muslim.

Mercer is related to Laurel Margaret Harper and he once lived in Torrance, California.

His mySpace has Mahmoud Ali Ehsani as one of only two connections.

Here’s Ehsani’s photos:

With regards to his race, Harper-Mercer is detailed very tersely as follows:

We can also confirm that he’s not white, contrary to multiple media reports.

Chris Harper-Mercer, according to Mr. Johnson, is a black American Islamic jihadist. A known supporter of #BlackLivesMatter, he also intended to kill whites. Far Left-Wing Internet trolls changed his information today five times on his profile, stating he is a white conservative Republican. I suspect perhaps Obama/Democrat-tied pro-Islamic jihad/Black Power networks were involved.

Had it been a white shooter with ties to the KKK or Neo Nazis like South Carolina church gunman Dylann Roof, one need never ask whether there would have been so much as a “five second rule” enforced before the mainstream media began leaking his name, alongside dredging up Obama’s other favorite line post-mass shooting: “white right-wing extremists” committing violence “in the name of the Bible”.

But for now, America will have to be told by President Obama how evil our nation is, that we are the only violent developed country even though he armed drug cartels and the ISIS-linked Chattanooga gunman. 

The president did not wait to learn about the identity of the shooter. Nor will he truly acknowledge this to be another jihadist attack, likely inspired by the president’s own creation, ISIS.

As the president said, “thoughts and prayers” are not enough. Except when they include “Allahu Akbar!” both by the militants as well as his own personal prayers tonight.

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